Who We Are

Central Idea: Our well-being is shaped by the resources around us.
Lines of Inquiry:
  • Why some people are healthier than others
  • Lifelong health
  • Resources around the world that people use to stay healthy


Kid's Recipies-kidshealth.org
Food guide Pyramid Becomes a Plate
MyPyramid for Kids
It's My Life, Body, Food Smarts
Why Eat Healthy -video
Healthy Foods and Recipes - video
Teaching Healthy Habits
High Fructose Corn Syrup - Teen News -video
Child's Weight
The Kid's Doctor: Simple changes Can Help Kids Maintain a Healthy Weight

My Plate Food Groups - Fit Kids (0:40)

My Plate for Kids (5:12)

Healthy Foods and Recipes (5:12)

The 5 Best Foods on the Planet (2:39)

Sesame Street Healthy Foods (2:45)

Dental Health

Taking Care of your Teeth - kidshealth.org
If You're a Kid...Dental Health Remix
Dental Care for Kids
Gum Disease in Children
Dental Care Tips for Kids - video

How to Care for Children's Teeth (1:45)

Understanding Gum Disease From Colgate (1:42)

Your Body, How It Works, and Exercise

What's the Big Sweat About Dehydration?
Keeping Fit and Staying Healthy
How The Body Works-kidshealth.org
Your Ears - kidshealth.org
Your eyes Quiz - kidshealth.org
Neuroscience for Kids - The Ear
Your Muscles
Tips to Get Active
Healthy Fit Kids

The Brain

Your Brain & Nervous system

Kids' Health - The Brain

Fun Human Brain Facts - Easy Science for Kids

Brain Parts & Functions (2:08)

Learn About the Brain (1:23)

The Most Amazing Facts About the Human Brain(3:21)

Heart and Lungs

Your Heart & Circulatory System (Kids Health)
Human Heart Facts For Kids (Science Kids)
Kids' Health - Your Heart
Heart Animation for Kids (6:12)

Circulatory System (5:32)

Heart - Human body Parts (2:44)

Lungs - Human Body Parts (2:40)

The Dangers of Smoking
Smoking Stinks!

Kids and Smoking

Smoking and Health Hazards

Campaign for Tobacco Free

Why Smoking is Bad For You

Harmful Effects of Tobacco (8:10)


What's Blood-Kid's Health
Blood Facts - Science for Kids

Human Blood Lesson for Kids (4:21)

Sneezing and Coughing

What is a sneeze?- Kids Health
Sneezing - Kids' Health

Why do we sneeze and cough? (1:26)

First Aid & Safety

Hey! a tick bit Me!
Safe Kids
Sun Safety
FBI-Safety Tips
Bike Safety
Staying Safe-Kids Health

Health: Germs & Viruses

What Are Germs?
How moms Can Help stop Germs
Healthy Kids: Germs & Viruses

The Sneeze (3:11)

Teaching About Germs and Handwashing (2:56)


Green Planet $ Kids: Environmental choices
Roofus' Solar and Efficient Home
Kids Saving energy
Pesticides and Kids

Pollution Video -Part 1 -for kids (3:41)

Breathing Respiration Animation Part 2 (3:46)

Land Pollution

From Lunch to Landfill-video
Halton Landfill - video

Air Pollution

What is Air Pollution?
Causes of Air Pollution
Clean Air 4 Kids
Air Pollution Detectives
Breathing Respiration Animation - video
Student's Guide to Global Climate Change