How the World Works

Central Idea: In order to survive, people need to adapt to the changes in the natural world.
Lines of Inquiry:
  • Ways the natural world can change
  • What you see versus what is happening in the natural world
  • Ways people adapt to the changes in the natural world
Key Concepts:
  • Form-What is it like?
  • Causation-Why is it the way it is?
  • Change-how does it change?

Web Links:

Earth-Soil, Rocks, Water, Landforms
What's a Geologist? Teen News (video)
Interactive Rock Cycle

Water Cycle
Kid Zone:The Water Cycle
The Water Cycle:NASA (video4:57)
The Water (vide 2:06)

Space-Moon, Sun, Stars
Moon Phases
The Old Farmer's Almanac
Phases of the Moon: Hip-Hop style
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Weather Games
Cat and the Hat Weather Games

Let's Learn About the Four Seasons (3:27)

Weather, Different Seasons, Learn About Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, Preschool Activity

Let's Learn About the Four Seasons (3:27)

Why Do We Have Seasons? (3:39)

Hail Storms
Hail Storms
Amazing Hail Storm
What causes a hail storm?
Blizzards and Hail Storms-fact monster
How does hail form?
Facts on Hail Storms
Severe Storms-Weather Channel for Kids

Info About Hurricanes for Kids
What is a hurricane? weather wiz kids
Hurrican Facts for kids
Forces of Nature: Hurricanes (National Geographic video for kids)
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Sand Storms
What is a Sand Storm?
Dust Storms -
What Causes a Sand

Tornadoes...Nature's Most Violent Storms
What is a Tornado?
Forces of Nature: Tornadoes 101 video

What is a blizzard? - weather
Blizzards and Hail Storms - fact monster

Earthquakes for Kids
What is an Earthquake? (videos)
Earthquake Facts

Tsunami Facts for Kids
Tsunami Facts

What is a Volcano?
Volcanoes -
Fun Volcano Facts
Iggy Versus the Volcano
Mountains & Volcanoes

Kids Tour: Early Settlers
National Geographic Kids: First Thanksgiving
Native American Facts for Kids
Native American Homes
All About Woodland Indians

For Fun
How to Build Fairy Houses
WikiHow: How to Build a Fairy House
Fairies & Fairy Houses
Flower Fairies of Cicely Mary Barker
Cicely Mary Barker flower Fairies