Central Idea: People's Feelings, beiefs, and values are expressed in their actions.

Lines of Inquiry:
    • Ways people around the world express themselves.
    • How diverse cultures are connected to one another
    • Our unique and individual actions, beliefs, and values

Key Concepts:
  • Perspective-What are the points of view? How do you see or think about something?
  • Connection-How is it connected to other things?
  • Reflection- How do we know? What have we learned?

What is culture?
Culture is the way of life of a group of people--the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept, generally without thinking about them, and that are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next.

Culture and Food Links:

What foods do you eat often?
What is your favorite food?
Why do you eat certain foods?
What food best describes you? Why?
Who do you eat meals with?

What the World Eats (slide show)
A photo essay about families around the world, what they eat, how much they spend, their favorite recipes, and how they sop and prepare their food.
What do you notice that it the same?
What do you notice that is different?

What Kids of the World Eat at School
Photos of school lunches from around the world.
What country's school lunch would you like to eat?

7 Kids Snacks From Around the World
7 different snack foods from around the world.
Which foods do you eat and what country does it come from?

Holiday Foods From Around the World
Read about what kids around the world eat for their special holidays.
What holiday foods do you celebrate with?
Are they the same or different from holiday foods around the world?

Indian Culture and Cuisine (2:12)

Switzerland Food and Culture (2:28)

Palestinian Food and Culture (4:59)

Chines Food and Culture (1:33)

Russian Food and Culture (4:18)

Culture and Clothing

The Cowboy Culture (2:33)

Culture and Dance

Dance from India (4:51)

Dance from Russia (7:50)

Irish Riverdance (5:27)

Native American Dances on the american Prairie Reserve (3:32)

Dancing with the Shawnee Indians (4:51)

Inuit/alaskan Dances (8:21)

Where I'm From

Uploaded on Apr 9, 2008

In Winter of 2008, we enrolled Sage in USC Upstate's "Write Here, Write Now: Sharing Slices of Life Through the Magic of Digital Storytelling," a series of writing and publishing workshops sponsored by the Spartanburg Community Writing Center. Sage was the youngest among her group of about 50 or so students, and was determined to be as independent as she could be. Her delightful instructor, Tasha Thomas, encouraged her independence, and it was not until her final presentation that we discovered what kind of video she had decided to make.